Episode 2

002: Addressing the Elephant in the Room instead of Dancing around It

In this 2nd episode, Nat and Martina share how they got started dancing the Argentine Tango. They also talk about the topic of having mixed emotions as it pertains to the current pandemic situation, to partnerships on the dance floor, and partnerships in everyday life. Addressing mixed emotions is not very popular because it can be uncomfortable. Yet, it's a vital practice. Nat and Martina share why it's so important and also share some ways you can get started. Care to dance with us?

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It Takes Two to Tango: Conversations that Move Us
Join me on my mission to make the world a better dance floor.

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Martina H. Meyer

Martina Meyer empowers individual and business leaders to unlock their full potential, create extraordinary success, and lead happy, fulfilled and joyful lives in all areas of their work and life.
Beyond her entrepreneurial passions Martina loves to immerse herself in the beauty and elegance of Argentine Tango and Viennese Waltz.