Episode 11

011: Be Willing to Start the New Year Differently

Happy New Year - and welcome back to Episode 11 of “It Takes Two To Tango - Conversations That Move Us”!

In this first Episode of 2021, Nat and Martina share different ideas about how to start the New Year. 

- How to honor yourself in different ways - especially when “different” bumps up against your own or others’ expectations of you;

- How and why tuning in to your “to-be” list before you create to-do list makes everything more meaningful;

- How to use an intention like “I want to feel good” can help you step beyond doubts and fears and actually expand and sustain your feeling good.

What did you take away from this episode? How might you pivot and start your 'new year' differently?

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It Takes Two to Tango: Conversations that Move Us
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Martina H. Meyer

Martina Meyer empowers individual and business leaders to unlock their full potential, create extraordinary success, and lead happy, fulfilled and joyful lives in all areas of their work and life.
Beyond her entrepreneurial passions Martina loves to immerse herself in the beauty and elegance of Argentine Tango and Viennese Waltz.
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Nat Couropmitree

Nat Couropmitree guides visionary leaders to discover and embrace their unique path of freedom, aliveness and significance. Beyond his life’s work, Nat enjoys traveling and dancing the Argentine Tango with his beloved wife, Olga.