Episode 12

012: Trusting Your Body's Wisdom

Welcome back to Episode 12 of “It Takes Two To Tango - Conversations That Move Us”. In this episode, entitled "Trusting Our Body's Wisdom", we have brought in a guest.
Please meet Martina’s Alexander Technique Teacher and Somatic Educator Ed Bilanchone. Having had a career in professional ballet and modern dance, and being passionate about Tai Chi and Golf as well as studying various aspects about the science and application of movement, Ed has taught Martina not only how to move better in dance, but also how to think differently about movement in how she lives and moves in her daily life. We chose Ed to share with us some of his thoughts about what “the body’s wisdom” actually means, how we can access it in a smarter way, trust it - and improve our brain-body connection in all we do. To find out more about Ed, check out his website: https://smartmoves4living.com/

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